Thokoza Project

Thanks to the CSI initiative of a generous business man in Johannesburg, Mathletes was able to provide extra Maths and Accounting lessons to a select few Matric students from Thoko thaba High School in Thokoza. This small community outreach project was put together in order to assist the Matric students to pass their final year and empower them to get excited about their options after school – whether that was to study further or to find work options. Wholeheartedly Me provided these students with psychometric testing as well as careers guidance counselling. This sort of service is incredibly important as it introduces learners to themselves and their passions. Many of the learners were dead set on career paths that are popular as money making, however many other different career paths are equally financially rewarding and allow for people to enjoy the work they do.

Mathletes hosted these fantastic Matric students every Saturday at our Alberton venue where the learners were transported to New Redruth from Thokoza and back thanks to Mr Frank Du Plessis from GATA. The learners were dedicated and enjoyed hours of extra lessons and lunch every Saturday. Mathletes organized a trip to the University of Johannesburg for our Thokoza learners to attend. This experience was a huge motivation for the Matric Learners who were exposed to the University’s campus life and different study options. The learners were also hosted by an affluent insurance company for vacation work during December 2014. This programme was a tremendous success for Mathletes and we are fortunate enough to continue with this programme in 2015, with a new group of grade 10 students.  We believe this programme will have a positive impact on the community and the students, and we hope to have this programme grow and reach a larger group of students in the years to come.