Mathletes provides various services that include extra lessons for numerous subjects to students from Grade 7-12. Our younger learners, from Grade 0-6, are registered for extra assistance with Mini Mathletes.

Mathletes can also assist students who are home schooled, providing to those learners a facility where work and studying can take place while having helpful tutors answer any questions.

Subjects include:

  • Maths
  • Science
  • Afrikaans
  • English
  • Business studies/Economics
  • Accounting
  • Study skills

Other services also include:

Study skills

Often learners struggle with their subjects due to a lack of study skills. Mathletes can teach learners these study skills by showing learners how to:

  • Study by subject, and learn to employ different study techniques for different subjects. (Eg. Maths is a practice subject where biology is not)
  • Use and decide different learning styles such as lists and mind maps
  • Decide on comfortable study environments
  • Set goals and stay motivated during studying
  • Use a study model where short and long term memory is rehearsed and tested
  • Work on time management
  • Complete textbook reading effectively and enhance research skills
  • Efficient note taking
  • Concentrate effectively
  • Manage stress during studying


Mathletes also works with Wholeheartedly Me, who provides career guidance counselling and psychometric testing to learners, which is particularly important for grade 9’s who will be selecting their subjects for the next year, as well as for grade 11 and Matrics who may need guidance in choosing their career paths. Wholeheartedly Me also supports and works closely with mini mathletes to ensure that our youngest learners are successfully brought to a level that can carry them forward in their future years at school.