Mini Mathletes offers lessons for the younger grades, grade 0-6.  This age group is an important stage for a child’s development as they experience physical, intellectual (seen in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain), social and emotional changes. Mini Mathletes has the objective to positively influence and assist these changes.

Mini Mathletes develops young minds

Mini Mathletes provides lessons that focus on the intellectual development of the child involving aspects such as reading, language and other subjects, which has a big influence on their further studies. These lessons are more individual, giving attention to the child and the child’s specific difficulties in a particular learning area. Mini Mathletes aims to help these young minds learn and master age appropriate skills, while having fun and developing a passion for learning. This in turn builds the student’s self-esteem and confidence in the classroom.

Mini Mathletes strives for success

Pre-school lessons include language development, basic reading techniques, life skills, and basic numeracy. The lessons for primary school students include subjects such as Reading and English, Mathematics, Afrikaans and Life Skills and foundation phase study skills to facilitate the success with their other subjects.