We believe that a young, fresh outlook on Maths (and other school subjects) can be motivating to the youth of today, who sometimes take for granted the importance of this stage of their lives.

Mathletes tutors are well experienced who are either completing or have completed their degrees ranging from BA Psychology to Engineering, Accounting and BSc Mathematics degrees. Having tutors of an age not too far from the learners themselves makes the tutors more relatable to the learners, who in turn develop a more positive attitude towards the subjects.

Tutors will be helping learners to better their study skills and understanding of their work every lesson. The tutors work with a small group of between 1 to 3 learners so that lessons are concentrated & effective but also relaxed & stimulating.

Mathletes tutors use many textbooks to assist the learner with their problem areas. For exam preparation, Mathletes uses past exam papers to prepare the learners – this method also assists learners to be comfortable working with exam papers and helps rid them of dreaded exam anxieties.

We take every learner at face value, that is, we do not rate or rank pupils in accordance to their personal mathematical (or otherwise) ability. Unfortunately, many learners are in a grade with little understanding of work from previous grades. For example, a grade 10 learner may not understand some of the work at school because the learner failed to capture certain concepts in Grade 9. Mathletes does not back-track, but covers the work in a clever manner simultaneously. Our goal is for each learner to excel in class, presently. This helps the learner build the necessary confidence to further their knowledge in the subject and pick up all the concepts they previously missed out on. Any work that comes up as misunderstood can be dealt with while striving to still keep the children up to date with their class work.