Mathletes is an education centre situated in Johannesburg that strives to assist and empower learners in becoming confident in their ability to successfully complete their grade. Our aim is to supplement learners with new learning techniques, specifically focusing on core subjects – Mathematics, Mathematical Literacy, Afrikaans, English, Accounting and the Sciences.


“Young, passionate, vibrant tutor who allows the kids to feel at ease and who encourages them to ask questions and build confidence ….” – Kerry O’Friel’s mom, Diane
“Mathletes education centre have been extremely professional in all my dealings with them to date. They have gone above and beyond what was requested from them to help my daughter. A company well worth referring. Very professional.” – Jayd Broden Creig’s Mom, Renee
“The reason I would refer Mathletes education centre and have actually made a few successful referrals is I have found an improvement with my daughter and most of all is that I have found the tutors to be more than willing to go the extra mile for ALL the children – (nothing is too much trouble) :). THEY CARE!!! I only wish them success and may their reputation grow from strength to strength. Many thanks :):)” – Jessica Basson’s Mom, Giselle
“I’m satisfied with all aspects of Mathletes education centre; knowledge of the tutors, genuine concern for the students, results I see in my children’s work, fees are very reasonable, location, outreach to the community, Mathletes does not tolerate laziness and apathy……and last but not least, they also go the extra mile for you!” – Andria & Alexia Veloza’s Mom, Mary
“Very helpful, punctual and professional and very accommodating” – Gabriel de Araujo’s Mom, Paula


We believe that a young, fresh outlook on Maths (and other school subjects) can be motivating to the youth of today, who sometimes take for granted the importance of this stage of their lives. Mathletes tutors are well experienced who are either completing or have completed their degrees ranging from BA Psychology to Engineering, Accounting… Read more…


Mathletes provides various services that include extra lessons for numerous subjects to students from Grade 7-12. Our younger learners, from Grade 0-6, are registered for extra assistance with Mini Mathletes. Mathletes can also assist students who are home schooled, providing to those learners a facility where work and studying can take place while having helpful… Read more…


Mini Mathletes offers lessons for the younger grades, grade 0-6.  This age group is an important stage for a child’s development as they experience physical, intellectual (seen in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain), social and emotional changes. Mini Mathletes has the objective to positively influence and assist these changes. Mini Mathletes develops young… Read more…